Primary Team Manager

Joy Otto
I am the Primary team manager for the Little Universe School Primary Program.

I earned my undergraduate degrees in Early Childhood and Elementary Education (ages 4-18) with a minor on Special Education/Divergent Learners. I have completed post graduate work in NACME Montessori education (0-12) and AMS certification in (12-18), Orton-Gillingham Language training and Brain Gym Kinesthology. I have over 20 years of classroom experience as a teacher, language therapist and education consultant. I was working at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC as a museum educator for primary and middle school classes when I realized that I missed the great Dutch weather and returned in 2011 to teach at LUS. While at LUS, I have worked as a daycare teacher, as a substitute teacher, an after school teacher, language therapist and a classroom teacher. I most recently was accepted as a candidate to the Montessori Leadership institute for International schools.When I am not working or studying Dutch, you can find me walking along the beach or hiking in the dunes near my home in Zandvoort.