Besides the methods by which we work, we provide special materials/works that fit the various developmental areas and levels of the children. The materials are displayed according to use in different corners of the classrooms called centers. In each classroom corner, children can work independently, but there is also the opportunity to collaborate. 

We use different materials:
  • Sensory materials: sight, hearing, taste and touch are stimulated. 
          An example of these materials: 
-The pink tower, where children use blocks ranging from small to large to build.

-Cylinder blocks, where high-low, thick-thin, big-small, deep-shallow, narrow and wide enhancing and superlatives thereof are discussed.

-Sound cylinders


  • Preparatory intellectual material: Here we offer math and language activities. 
         An example of these materials: 
-Counting sticks, for children learning to count. This work helps them to understand the quantities of 0 to 10. They name numbers and identify with quantity thus               getting indirect insight into the metric system. 

-Sandpaper letters: The child learns the letters by feeling and seeing the shape associated with the sound of the symbol.

-Metal-insets: This teaches the child to grasp and move the pencil on paper in a controlled pattern. It is a preparation for writing.