For Parents

Entrusting your child to someone else is a big step. Not only will your child need time to adjust and become familiar with us but so will you! It is very important to us that both the children and parents feel welcomed into our school community. Good communication is key to this process.

We send out emails every six weeks informing you of school themes, songs and any upcoming important dates. We always post daily lunch information in the hallways. If you need to speak with a teacher or the Primary Manager, please email or inform us. We will make an appointment to speak to you outside the classroom when most convenient for all involved. It is important that we are aware of your wishes/concerns as much as possible so that the home environment and class environment are harmonious.

From the age of 4 children attend school 5 days a week from 08:30 to 14:30 (Wednesdays until 12:30).